Saturday, April 10, 2010

coupons, how to start

When I was looking at the available sales the other day I realized that I really did not need to go shopping for much this week due to the last few stock pile shops I had done. This made me think of WHY do I coupon??
I could say I do it to stay within a budget. But that would not be the whole story.
I could say I love the incredible deals I can get when I coupon, OR, I could say BOTH.
If you want to coupon but think you are short on time then look at this math.
My daughter uses Head & Shoulders
Retail at 8.99 shampoo
8.99 conditioner
She uses one of each monthly or $17.98
If I were to get them for her without any planning then $17.98 x 12 =$115.76 a year.

Recently I found a kmart deal of 2 for $9.00, they also were running a double coupon ad.
here is how it worked out.
2 shampoos- 9.00
2 conditioners-9.00
1 crest toothpaste-3.00
TOTAL $21.00

I used 2- buy1get1 coupons ($9.00)
2- $1.oo coupons ($4.00) don't forget the double
1 -$1.50 crest coupon ($3.00)
TOTAL savings $16.00
out of Pocket-- $5.00
I paid $5.00 for 4 shampoos or 2 months worth. If I find similar deals that would be only $30.00 per year!!!!
Do you think you could find time to make $85.76 a year. Do you think you could spend maybe 1/2 an hour a week to find more deals like this??
If so decide if you want to find a few deals or a lot of deals and check back later for more on budgets and stockpiles.

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