Friday, April 23, 2010

coupons, how to start part II

Now that you collected coupons you need to store and use them .
DO NOT CUT COUPONS FROM YOUR SUNDAY CIRCULARS.  Keep them whole and record the date on the front.
Coupons that are  already cut  , just separate them into categories.   Many people use binders that zipper shut and have trading card plastic sheets in them  I have plastic shoe box  with snack size storage bags that I have labeled with each category  .  I find it is easier for me than the binder.

Now two more things before you really shop.  Decide your budget for the weeks shopping and then make a list of the items you need and those you use often.
I find that starting a stockpiling preference list helps me to locate and focus on GREAT deals instead of just good ones.  For example::::
laundry soap-  no prefernce
toothpaste     - crest
soup              - progresso
bath soap       - any
deodorant       any but prefer mennen
You can be brand loyal but it makes it more difficult to save and stockpile.

Now to stockpile
Each week look through the stores circulars and match the specials to your list of items you need or use often.
Using my list here is an example of how I might stockpile.
Gerbes  10 for 10$ sale       Mennen on that sale for 1$each
I have 1$ and 50 cent coupons.  And Gerbes doubles.
6 deodorants, 4 coupons at 50 cents, 2 coupons at 1$=  6 free deodorants.
As my husband says, I  won't use 6 deodorants this week but why pay full price when I can get it FREE.

Next blog I will go into my trip to the store where I paid 77 cents for the items pictured plus a box of sugar babies.


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