Sunday, February 1, 2009

Game DAY!!!!! got game?

Well it is finally here. I like football and the steelers but my husband is at the game and I am so glad it is today so he can come home tomorrow. GO STEELERS!!! I did do a little betting on the game and I am hoping they win by 7-11 points.
On to the important stuff. Anyone starting to plan their gardens for the year. I have a few ideas and lists but I am not sure how to fit it all in yet. Maybe my dear hubby can help me clear a few new areas. I am going to do lettuce and peas again . I had great luck and harvested almost the whole year. I have it in a semi-shady spot that way it won't fry .

My coupon clipping and walgreens shopping saved me over 50$ last week and then I will get a 20$ rebate on my card. Then I got 4$ on the register rewards. I still need to plan menus. I have so much stuff I don't cook with that I could use up in the house. If I plan ahead and get a little more variety in our diet then I will have a better chance to save on groceries.
Let me know if you have suggestions.

have a great game day!!!!!!!